Rehearsal Schedule and Rehearsal Soloists


Dvorak Te Deum

Mondays, 7.30-9:30pm at First Baptist Church on Littleton Common

May 1             Dvorak (entire)

May 8             Dvorak (entire)

May 15           Combined choral rehearsal. Jonathan Brennand, conductor

May 20           10am Dvorak rehearsal Unity Hall, First Unitarian, Worcester 90 Main St, Worcester, MA 01608

May 21           2pm call, Mechanics Hall, Worcester.  PERFORMANCE: 4:00 pm.

Rehearsal Soloists: we will need a soprano and a baritone for the Dvorak.


Dvorak Dress rehearsal: Saturday May 20, 10am at Unity Hall, First Unitarian Church, Worcester.

Dvorak performance: Sunday May 21, 4pm at Mechanics Hall, Worcester. Choir call: 2pm

Concert information: 

  • Concert dress, women: long black pants or skirts, black socks or hose, black shoes, black long-sleeved top.
  • Concert dress, men: black tuxedo or suit, black tie, white shirt, black socks and shoes.

No perfume, aftershave, strong smelling deodorant, hair spray, etc.

4 thoughts on “Rehearsal Schedule and Rehearsal Soloists

  1. Would like to sign up. Dang with community chorus on Martha’s Vineyard for 15 years. Sang in church choirs as child and adult.

    Can I just show up to open rehearsal?

  2. I am very interested in joining your group. I am new to the area and studied music years ago in college, so I am a little rusty. My husband is away for a senior leadership class with the army and I am curious if children are allowed at rehearsals. I understand if not. I will try to find a babysitter for the nights of rehearsal while he is gone. But, I am extremely interested in being a part, if there is room. Thank you for your time.
    Raven Kyle

    • We don’t have any children at rehearsals. Sorry, but we aren’t set up for that type of thing. There is always room for additional singers though. Please come on Monday night and try us out. We will be starting early because people have to get their music, pay dues etc. You are welcome to try us for a week or two. You would borrow the music for the evening and return it at the end of the rehearsal. When you decide to join us (I know you will) you pay for the music and dues and you then keep your music and make notes as they are given at rehearsals. Come around 7:00 pm this Monday (we will have rehearsal, and not another snow storm). You can meet other members who will help you get acclimated.
      Jody Doughty

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