Rehearsal Schedule and Rehearsal Soloists

Rehearsal Schedule – Spring 2019

Mondays, 7:30 – 9:30pm at First Baptist Church, 461 King Street, Littleton, MA

Dress Rehearsals – with Orchestra (required attendance):
Wednesday, April 10:  7:00 – 10:00 pm at Littleton High School
Thursday, April 11:      7:00 – 10:00 pm at Littleton High School

Performance Night:
Saturday, April 13:     6:00 pm call, 8:00 pm performance.

Regular rehearsals for members are every Monday (unless otherwise specified) until performance.

February 18:  Bach movement 1 (with text)

                      Sectionals:  movements 1 fugue & 3 fugue
                      Bach movement 3

                      Faure’ 5 & 7

February 25:  Bach movement 2 with text

                      Sectionals:  movements 1 (mm 1-74) & 2

                      Faure’ 1 & 2

March 4:  Bach movement 3 with text

                      Sectionals:  movements 3 & 1 (as needed)

                      Faure’ 3 & 6

March 11:  Bach:  All, with text

                  Faure’:  All

March 18:  TBD

March 25:  TBD


APRIL 8:    Run through Bach & Faure’

Saturday Rehearsals (optional):  10 – 11:30 am    

February 16                Maria’s (1 Laury Lane, Littleton, MA)
February 23                Maria’s (1 Laury Lane, Littleton, MA)
March 2                      Brenda and Ken Troup’s (21 Meadow Road, Bolton)
March 16                    TBD
March 23 (?)


Learning aids:

Best files for learning the Bach:

Carus Music app  You can download the app on your phone (via App Store or Google Play), purchase the voice part you want for $3.99, and listen to it sung, with text, at tempo or slowly, even with a piano doubling your voice part if you want (“Coach”). A really excellent app.

Another option is to get the MIDI files from “John’s Midi File Choral Website.”   The page for “Singet dem Herrn” is  You can download the files for an individual part or everything together.

There is a MIDI player available  ere: whose interface is a little klunky, but has the advantage that you can display the score and has a marker that shows exactly where you are in the measure.   You can also speed up or slow down the playback so it’s good for difficult coloratura sections.

Doesn’t work in your car, but these files can be VERY useful.

Translation sites:

Practicing techniques:
Practice Techniques

General Musical Terminology:
Music terminology

Rehearsal soloists:

  • Sopranos: 
  • Altos:  
  • Tenors:  
  • Bass:   

Section Leaders:

  • Soprano 2:   Susan Shaine –
  • Soprano 1:   Susan Hill –
  • Alto:    Joey Vigeant –
  • Tenor:  Ernie Preisig –
  • Bass:   Doug Dalrymple –


Concert Attire

  • Concert dress – Women:  Long black pants or skirts, black socks or hose, black shoes, black long-sleeved top.
  • Concert dress – Men:  Black tuxedo or suit, black tie, white shirt, black socks and shoes.
  • All music must be covered in a Black folder

No perfume, aftershave, strong smelling deodorant, hair spray, etc.

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  1. Good Morning. My name is Peter Welsh. I live in Sudbury. I am a 2nd Bass and have been actively singing since 1996. Apart from church Sudbury, I was a member of the Concord Chorus and The Sudbury Savoyards for seven and ten seasons respectively. I have also been a member of the Boston Men’s Sangerfest Chorus and the Mystic Chorale. I met Mr. Yigal Hochberg at a December concert in Sudbury. He told me about your chorale at the performance this past Saturday. I did attend and was quite impressed with all I heard and observed I do plan to attend the Open Rehearsal on January 28. I do possess all concert wear and a black music folder If there is something else I should do please let know. Thank you.

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