Bach B Minor Mass was fantastic

What a moving concert we sang yesterday.  Everyone involved deserves an extra standing ovation.  Many people commented about how moved they were by the performance.  Please add any additional comments to this post.  We want to hear your views and opinions about the concert.

Thank you to everyone involved and to all those who came and supported us in this endeavor.

8 thoughts on “Bach B Minor Mass was fantastic

  1. Well done! Congratulations to you all! It was a joy and delight to be in the audience and listen to one of the great masterpieces performed so well.

  2. I, myself and others from the Acton Community Chorus know several of the members of the Nashoba Valley Chorale and want to express our congratulations on a job well done! We commend the entire chorale, as well as the many instrumentalists and the music director, Anne Born. We thoroughly enjoyed the Mass in B Minor by Bach last Sunday at St. Anne’s in Littleton. We hope to be able to hear more on your upcoming events.

  3. I, myself and others from the Acton Community Chorus, know several of the choral members of the Nashoba Valley Chorale and must say, we were blown away after listening to the chorale AND instrumentalists, as well as, the music director, Anne Born present the Mass in B Minor by Bach last Sunday in Littleton! We commend you all on a job well done. Congratulations.

  4. Singing Bach’s Mass in B Minor was the most challenging, exhilarating, and rewarding experience. While the chorale struggled for months with learning this score, it all came together so gloriously on February 9th, due to the incredible talent of our conductor, Anne, whose persistence in seeking excellence always seems to pay off in the end, just when we think we may not pull it off! It was lovely to see so many people in the audience enjoying the fruits of our efforts!

  5. I would like to share a couple comments a friend of mine posted in Facebook while at the B Minor Mass performance. We sang together years ago, but unfortunately he is too far to join this group, and he builds pipe organs for a living!

    Quoted by Rick Isaacs:

    “Well. I’m here, it’s Intermission, and I’m somewhere between entranced and absolutely blown away. Bravo!”

    “It was an outstanding performance, proof that an “amateur” chorus with professional orchestra, soloists and direction, can produce truly deep and meaningful music!”

  6. Only one word to describe it – exhilarating! Audience reaction was spectacular. We grabbed them with the first note. And we successfully engaged them through the entire piece. A tribute to our conductor who masterfully took us on this journey.

  7. What an incredible experience it was to sing this Bach masterpiece! Anne’s vision, leadership and confidence in us have brought Nashoba Valley Chorale to a new level of musical excellence. How exciting for all of us!

  8. The Bach B Minor mass concert was the most difficult but most rewarding chorale music I have ever had the pleasure to sing. The Chorale was inspiring in it’s delivery and rewarded the audience with a excellant performance.

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